the_miller_prediction_filmRadiant Century Productions was established in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The first Baha’i documentary production released in 1986 was entitled “The Promise of World Peace to the Peoples of the World”. It was produced and directed by Cyrus Parvini and was distributed and broadcasted in United States and Canada. Translated from English to Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Persian languages and reached to 42 countries around the world.

The 30 minute documentary production “The Promise of World Peace – A Baha’i Perspective” was released in September 2006, directed by award winning Director Cullen Hoback. Screened in 2009 at the International Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland. Seen on Documentary Channel and 50 affiliated TV Stations in the United States, and reached 67 countries around the world in various languages. Weaving together interviews, historical documents and footage from around the globe. This documentary takes us inside the Baha’i way of life and the daily struggle to promote unity in a conflicted world.